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We ask for your age because your compensation can change if you’re nearing or older than retirement age.

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How to use our settlement agreement calculator?

Simply go through each of the five steps which ask about you and your current employment. Each answer you give helps our settlement agreement calculator understand your individual employment circumstances and help us to give you a more accurate estimated settlement agreement payment.

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How accurate is our settlement agreement calculator?

Our settlement agreement calculator assumes that you have:

  • been employed by your employer for at least two years
  • either been dismissed by your employer or forced to resign
  • evidence to prove that the dismissal or constructive dismissal is legally unfair.

Our settlement agreement calculator can provide an estimate as to the amount of compensation you may receive.
You may receive more or less, depending on the individual circumstances surrounding your case.

What answers affect the calculator results?

Each of the answers that you provide will have an impact, positive or negative, on the estimated settlement agreement. Here are some examples:


Salary is particularly important because it is used to calculate an estimated the amount of that you would lose whilst in between jobs.

Notice Period

You would normally be paid your notice period whether or not you are required to work it. This would be added on to any settlement payment.


If you are approaching retirement age,it is considered harder to find a new job. Therefore, you would receive an increased payment. If you are older than retirement age, you will likely be awarded less, simply because you would be expected to retire soon anyway.

Employer Size

The bigger the company, the more likely they will want to settle to avoid reputational damage. Smaller organisations may be less able to afford large settlement agreements; however, it is possible to negotiate for non-financial awards such as access to a career coach or the right to keep your company laptop or mobile phone.


If your employer has not followed the correct legal procedure when making you redundant, you may have an unfair dismissal claim. This may put you in a strong position to negotiate a settlement agreement.


If you have submitted a grievance, then it adds a degree of severity and the calculator will apply a slight increase to your settlement.


A slight increase is applied if you feel that you have been discriminated.

Already Left Employment or Have a New Job

Both situations will adversely affect the likelihood of you getting a good settlement. Your employee will no longer have an incentive to pay you to leave if you have already left your job. Either way, if you already have a new job lined up, then you will not be able to make a claim for loss of earnings.


A modest increase is applied if you are registered disabled, as it can be harder to get another position.


A slight increase is applied if you have been involved in whistleblowing.


A significant decrease is applied if you are facing disciplinary action. This is because your employer will likely use this against you as a response to your settlement request.

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