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Why Our Settlement Agreement Lawyers?

A Top-Rated Employment Law Team

Settlement Agreement Lawyers has built a reputation as a client-focused employment law team that obtains excellent results for employees that are having problems at work through no fault of their own.

We have advised thousands of clients on their settlement agreements and nothing makes us happier than negotiating a settlement package for our clients that makes them feel valued.

Our settlement agreement solicitors fight to get you the best result in your situation.

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Results & Experience Matter in Settlement Agreement Negotiations

We’ve spent years getting employees the compensation they deserve with their settlement agreements. Our settlement agreement solicitors recognize that every client has a unique and stressful experience that they’re dealing with at work, and that’s why we treat each client as incredibly valued and valuable . Our award-winning employment law firm is
committed to providing the highest level of customer service every single day to every single client.

What Are You Dealing With?

Settlement Agreement Lawyers are a full-service employment law team who can advise our clients on any area of employment law – this means that if you have a problem we can help you solve it, and negotiate an appropriate settlement agreement package for you.

Our Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Our Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Chris Hadrill

Employment solicitor Chris Hadrill is a Partner in the law firm and has negotiated settlement agreement packages for thousands of clients. He advises senior executive exit packages from blue-chip organisations and is responsible for supervising the work of the employment team. Chris deals with the following types of work:
  • Senior Executives
  • High-value Exit Packages
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Share Option Agreements & RSU’s
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • High-profile Discrimination Claims

Sacha Barrett

Caroline Lewis

Our Settlement Agreement Team

Our entire team of employment lawyers focuses on employment law and is devoted to service. We’re known for our experience, dedication, and ability to contend with the largest employers. Wherever you are in the UK we can advise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a settlement agreement?2022-07-02T12:30:33+00:00

An employment settlement agreement is a contract between an employer and an employee that is legally-binding. Under these types of agreements the employee generally agrees to receive some benefit (normally a sum of money, although this can include non-financial benefits as well) and, in return, they agree to not sue their employer (whether in the Employment Tribunal and/or in the civil courts). This is why such an agreement is called a “settlement agreement”: under the agreement the employee is agree to “settle” their right to bring claims against their (former) employer (this could include, for example, a claim for unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment or victimisation).

We refer to these settlement agreements as “employment settlement agreements” in order to distinguish them from other types of settlement agreements that you might receive in other areas of law (for example, a divorce settlement agreement).

What are the legal requirements of a settlement agreement?2022-07-02T12:35:18+00:00

In order for an employment settlement agreement to be valid and enforceable it must must satisfy certain conditions (which are set out in s.203(3) of the Employment Rights Act 1996).

The legal requirements of a settlement agreement are as follows:

  1. The settlement agreement must be in writing;
  2. The agreement must relate to a “particular complaint” or “particular proceedings” (i.e. to defined claims that you are settling under the settlement agreement);
  3. You must have received legal advice from a relevant independent adviser (such as a specialist settlement agreement solicitor) on the terms and effect of the proposed agreement and its effect on your ability to pursue any rights before an Employment Tribunal;
  4. The legal adviser that you instruct must have a current contract of insurance, or professional indemnity insurance, covering the risk of a claim by you against your legal adviser in respect of legal advice given;
  5. The settlement agreement must identify the adviser; and
  6. The settlement agreement must stated that the conditions regulating compromise agreement/settlement agreements have been satisfied

If your agreement does not meet the above criteria then it will not settle your statutory claims – this would mean that you would technically be able to pursue your (former) employer for your statutory rights. However, the practical effect of doing so will probably be that you will have to pay back some or all of the payments made to you under the settlement agreement).

What are the circumstances under which I can seek a settlement agreement?2022-07-02T12:48:54+00:00

You may wish to seek a settlement agreement in a variety of circumstances, generally either when you want to leave your employment because you are unhappy, because your employer wants to terminate your employment, or where you have already left your employment and want to settle various claims you may have against your employer.

The following types of situations are circumstances which could lead to a settlement agreement:

  • If your employer has failed to pay you wages that you are due
  • If your employer has breached your contract of employment in some way (e.g. by failing to pay you a bonus or commission that you believe that you are due)
  • If you have been discriminated against at your job or harassed
  • If you have been victimised by your employer because you have raised a complaint
  • If your employer thinks that you are underperforming
  • If your employer thinks that you may have engaged in misconduct

Senior employees in organisations (such as executives or directors) may find that a restructure, merger or a change in strategy may lead to a situation where their continued employment is difficult. A natural solution to such an issue is for the senior employee and the employer to agree mutual termination terms, which can be arranged via an employment settlement agreement.

What are the advantages of a settlement agreement?2022-07-02T13:12:08+00:00

The main advantages of an employment settlement agreement are as follows:

  • You can use them to obtain a financial sum to compensate you for poor treatment that you have experienced at work (for example, if you have been discriminated against or have had your contract breached) without both sides having to go to the cost, stress, time and uncertainty of an Employment Tribunal claim
  • Settlement agreements are quite tax-efficient, in that you can receive the first £30,000 of the settlement amount tax-free
  • You can negotiate into the settlement agreement non-financial terms that are important to you (such as, for example, a reference that you are happy with, an internal or external announcement, or appropriate confidentiality clauses)
  • You can use a settlement agreement to negotiate a higher sum upon termination of your employment than you may have otherwise been entitled to receive (i.e. beyond your notice pay, holiday pay, and statutory redundancy pay (if applicable))
  • To allow unhappy employees an exit from potentially stressful and unpleasant situations without having to resort to litigation
What are the disadvantages of a settlement agreement?2022-07-02T19:30:20+00:00

The main disadvantages of a settlement agreement are as follows:

  • Your employer may not be willing to pay you what you think your claims are worth under the settlement agreement –  in this case, you will need to decide to accept (what you consider to be) an undervalue or to reject the settlement agreement
  • You may not be happy with the broad confidentiality clauses that tend to be used in settlement agreements

Why choose Settlement Agreement Lawyers?

Settlement Agreement Lawyers are a team of experienced, expert employment lawyers who can help you with your settlement agreement, whatever the circumstances.

If you want to negotiate the terms of your settlement agreement then we can advise you on how we would recommend negotiating the financial terms of the settlement agreement, your reference, the confidentiality clauses, any post-termination restrictions, and anything else you are worried about in your settlement agreement.

If you just want to sign off your settlement agreement and get it all completed then we operate a "same-day" sign-off service for employees as well.

Every employment lawyer at Settlement Agreement Lawyers has at least ten years' experience advising employees on settlement agreements, so you know when you instruct Settlement Agreement Lawyers that you are receiving expert and experienced advice from specialist employment lawyers.

Negotiating your settlement agreement

The team at Settlement Agreement Lawyers are expert negotiators and can negotiate directly with your employer to get you the best deal possible.

The team at Settlement Agreement Lawyers is Partner-led and your settlement agreement will be dealt with by experienced employment lawyers, so you can be sure that you are getting the best employment law advice possible on your situation. Our lawyers deal with settlement agreements every day, and they also deal with advising on all other employment law issues including advice on Employment Tribunal claims. We can therefore advise you on your potential claims and the value of those claims, so when we're advising you on your settlement agreement we're explaining all of the options that are available to you, as well as the strength of your negotiating position.

Our Partner-led employment law team also has a large amount of experience advising employees in all industries, including (but not limited to): financial services, legal services, pharmaceuticals, energy, retail, IT, and sales. Settlement Agreement Lawyers therefore has a broad understanding of why your employer might be dealing with you in the way that it is, and offering your the settlement terms that it is.

Same-day sign-off service available

If you just want to get legal advice on your settlement agreement and sign it off then our expert employment lawyers offer a 'same day' sign-off service and can help you to get your settlement agreement within 24 hours.

Who we are

Settlement Agreement Lawyers is a team of experienced and expert employment solicitors
based at Redmans Solicitors and headed by Chris Hadrill, a Partner with more than ten years' experience advising employees
and employers on employment law, including on settlement agreements.
All of our employment lawyers are employment law specialists, meaning that if you instruct
Settlement Agreement Lawyers to handle your settlement agreement then you will be advised
by a lawyer who deals with settlement agreements for a living.

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